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A Lean-To can be constructed from half of any size X.S. Smith Inflation Buster, Sun King, Storm King, Sky King or Free-Standing Sunshine. Standard lengths are in increments of 4'. Lean-To's are an excellent option for institutional applications.

The Barn is a high clearance peaked roof free-standing building without trusses which has standard widths from 10' to 20' and lengths in increments of 5'. The Barn is excellent for the growing, storage or over wintering of tall nursery stock.

The Sun Frame is the perfect design for shading nursery stock, perennials or bedding plants. Made of galvanized steel tubing with superior corrosion resistance, it is the maintenance free way to display you product. The Sun Frame is produced in either 12' x 12' or 20’ x 20’ sections with a standard height of 10', but custom sizes are available

The Sun Stand is a portable roadside stand constructed of galvanized steel for durability. The stand starts at 12' x 12', but is infinitely expandable in width. The modular benching, hanging basket rack and hanging basket hoop shown are optional.

The junior version of the Sun Frame, the Sun Buster is a lighter weight, less expensive alternative to area shading. It is also produced in 12' x 12' sections, but in a lower profile with an 8' height.

The Shade Shack is a quick and easy way to provide spot shading or weather protection. Starting at 8' wide x 8' long, the length can be increased in 8' increments. The Shade Shack is the perfect structure for those customers who are looking for a more temporary solution to their covering problems. It is available with either "permanent posts" or "portable plates" and with either shade cloth or tarp covering.

For additional plant display options and prices on shade structures, please go to our retail display page.


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